UCL Minds Lunch Hour Lectures

Date: Tuesday 03 December 2019
Speakers: Alexandra Burton, Early Career Researcher at Division of Psychiatry, UCL; Kartikeya Tripathi, Lecturer at Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science, UCL

Alexandra Burton and Kartikeya Tripathi will present findings from a cross-departmental research programme (Division of Psychiatry and Security and Crime Science), exploring challenges of ageing in a globalised world. They will explore how migration and digitalisation affect older people’s needs for support and care, through the prisms of two of our recent research studies: with older victims of cybercrime in Mumbai (Kartikeya); and South Asian carers of people with dementia in England (Burton). They will discuss how we can build on our qualitative research findings and existing manualised interventions #MadeAtUCL to develop culturally competent care interventions.

Free to attend, live stream or watch online

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