UCL Minds Lunch Hour Lectures

Date: Tuesday 5 March 2020
Speaker: Katie Davenport-Mackey – Museum Visitor Services Assistant at UCL Culture

A light-hearted look at the history of cardiology at UCL through the prism of the UCL museums. This lecture taps the rich vein of artefacts, artworks and specimens held within the UCL museums to trace the evolution of our knowledge of the cardiovascular system over the last 4,000 years – from heart scarabs designed to cheat the ‘weighing of the heart’ ceremony in the ancient Egyptian afterlife to pioneering open-heart surgery with Dale-Shuster pumps. The aim of this lecture is to bring the history of cardiology to life and highlight the contribution of UCL to cardiovascular medicine.

UCL’s popular public Lunch Hour Lecture series has been running at UCL since 1942, and showcases the exceptional research work being undertaken across UCL.

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