Caveat (Host organization for MED NYC)

Streamed live on May 4, 2020

ER Doctors Andres Mallipudi and Darien Sutton NEED A BREAK!

On a special livestream edition of Doctors Without Boundaries they’ll tell some stories from the ER, give you an insider’s view of the crisis, and let you know what’s going on. They’ll invite comedians on to talk about their medical issues, dispense some advice & info, and leave you with lots of laughs. 

A portion of the funds donated during this livestream will go to The Purple Piñata – a passionate group of NYC-based medical and graduate students dedicated to supporting the well-being and uplifting the morale of our local healthcare community during the COVID-19 crisis. Currently, they are raising funds to send care packages to front-line healthcare workers in NYC. To see directly where your funds are going and who you’re supporting, follow them on Instagram.


Going crazy yet? Craving information, but starting to feel desperate to receive it in a non-depressing way? Worried about the state of art and intelligent discussion in the time of social distancing? We got you.

Beginning this week, your favorite nerdy basement bar will host livestreams 5 nights a week with extra-special online editions of our shows. Medical advice without any bullsh*t! Wrestlemania-style debates over different scientific principles (where you can chime in)! Political science with that ever-needed dash of showmanship! If it’s smart and it’s weird and it’s entertaining, you know we’re gonna give it to you.

It’s a weird time and it may only get weirder. Hopefully some good old fashioned intelligent nightlife can help get you through it – right from the safety of your home.

And if you’d like to contribute to the artists and keeping the venue alive, here’s a link where you can do that! We’ll split whatever comes in between making sure Caveat stays functioning and the artists on stage.

Wash your hands and keep calm: Caveat is here to keep our community comforted and our creators working.