UCL Minds Lunch Hour Lectures

Date: Tuesday 25 February 2020
Speaker: Matteo Carandini is the GlaxoSmithKline / Fight for Sight Professor of Visual Neuroscience at University College London

Behaviour arises from the joint activity of millions of neurons distributed across the brain. To understand this joint activity, we must record activity all over the brain at the neuronal scale, during behaviour. This has recently become possible thanks to a new technology co-developed at UCL, called Neuropixels. With this technology, a single scientist at UCL was able to record from 30,000 neurons during a decision-making task, revealing that decisions are mediated by networks that are surprisingly distributed across the brain. UCL is leading a worldwide collaboration, the International Brain Laboratory, to scale this achievement to 1 million neurons

UCL’s popular public Lunch Hour Lecture series has been running at UCL since 1942, and showcases the exceptional research work being undertaken across UCL.

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